Why would YOU join with the Project?

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Why would YOU join with the Project?

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:18 am

Everyone are welcomed to this project. This is a brand new project called "Sunrise". This project will hopefully be featuring players like YOU, who want to help the new players of Growtopia. This project was announced in 19.03.2017 by a player Riverdale. Basically all you do is meet me, I'll give you items and you give the items I'm giving to you to the new players. To be sure that you did give the items away you shall capture a picture. Oh, one thing that you should have is Instagram, because taken pictures will be sent there, to me via DM.
   How will I know, that you want to join with the project? Please just post a picture in Instagram and use the hashtag "#gtsunrise" and I'll contact you somehow. Maybe in comment section or via dm. Not sure yet Smile

The project is like a quest: I'll give you everytime more and more items to deliver. Everytime you take the picture of your trade I'll givr you more items or bigger amount. These items aren't that rare, so don't bother joining the project to scam. Eventually, when you've given out over 1,000 items, I'll make you an admin in these forums and you'll help me give items to other beginners in this project Smile

My instagram is Riverdale.gt
This is brought to you by Riverdale, please help me advertise the project, so more people will join with it! Thanks!


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